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Resilient + Diligent MarTech

RANKING CAROLINA® (RC) was founded in 2007 and we take pride in calling South Carolina home. We are a triple threat of tech, marketing, and search - making what we do both an art and a science.

We are bold enough to see things through which have not been done before. This requires old-school principles, paired with a new-school vision. In our industry, there is a convenient fascination with relying on automated tech and big-box recommendations. Our industry is also notorious for confusing companies with impressions and fancy tech talk that does not ship the vital deliverables we need as small businesses. Partnering with RANKING CAROLINA® affords us both the opportunity to go against the current and swim away from what has worked in the past to what must work now and in the future. If this sounds like the culture of a company you would like to partner with, contact us for more information.

Local Search

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), focusing on Local Search, is the pillar of our company. Our unique website optimization strategies are rooted in the disciplined art/science of content-driven SEO. Our knack to analyze and digest search trends is the foundation for our approach to Local Search. In short, we know where and when to look, allowing us to capture local searches taking place in your digital backyard.

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Design + UX

We optimize screen-based customer journeys through data-driven User Experience (UX). Our genesis for building UX-friendly websites comes from the Japanese phrase, Shibui, which is roughly translated to "devoid of all unnecessary things." It is our ability to focus on the aspects of a site that are necessary, which ultimately creates websites that are crisp, clean, fast, and functional.

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Paid Search

We find high-value, low-risk opportunities to help supplement where organic visibility may not be possible. Instead of competing with local, regional, and national competitors over irrelevant ad phrases, we help open more doors to potential customers through smarter ad targeting and reducing ad waste. Others can duke it out over high-cost and low-conversion ad phrases.

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When it comes to data, we dig deeper. We look at the psychology behind the search. We believe that transparent and unbiased data tells the real story and helps to drive informed business decisions. In a climate where data can run off the charts, our value lies in the wisdom and logic we deploy in boiling the data down, which provides vital fluidity for websites subject to constant change.

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